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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Implementing An Online Voting System For US Citizens Considered

At some point in the near future we will have online and smart phone voting apps. I doubt anyone who has ever considered this, would think otherwise. Still, even though we know that this future potential eventuality is in high-probability, we also know it will not be easy to create. Especially if we want to keep it safe from voter fraud and hacking - so let's discuss the steps needed to bring such future voting technology into fruition shall we? 1. Create a beta app that isn't released (simply for testing security measures and app fluency) 2. Have the newly elected officials speak about the app as a way to create new policy. 3. Use the app to the most limited amount (so maybe just local policy at first) 4. Then as the new policies begin to come about implement the full app to get the largest effect. Okay, on item number one, can we use existing survey or polling apps for the basis, check their security strategies, also hire some 'white hat' hackers to try to break in? Should we borrow some strategies of mobile devices for security? Should we contact the EFF for their thoughts on this too? What about the folks at Google? Number 2 shouldn't be much of a problem. Number 3 - I am sure we can get local governments to try it out in all 50-states very quickly, the cost wouldn't be significant, we need a little marketing piece and some smart younger people to call on cities to do this, perhaps cities that have controversy and a few challenges - that would be easy, local city council and county supervisors would be perfect spokespeople. Smaller states would adopt it quickly, high-tech states might want a different version (NIMBY affect) but if we roll it out fast enough, we'd be able to keep it universal, and the Federal Government would look to us first, plus, a large sponsor like a Google would want to incorporate us into their system. What your thoughts about such a large scale partnering? Number 4 - What additional features will we introduce as we scale up? What things will we learn or hope to learn that will help us make such decisions? Much will be trial and error and adapting as we grow right, is that your thinking here? That's usually how it goes with start-ups? Okay so, let's add some more information to this topic. You see, there was an interesting article in CNN on November 8, 2011, titled; "Why can't Americans vote online?" by Doug Gross which stated: "Advocates say the time is right to seriously consider letting voters cast a ballot from the comfort of their homes or even on the screens of their mobile phones. 'We've voted the way we have for the past 200 years because we couldn't do any better than that,' said Rob Weber, a former IT professional at IBM who runs the blog Cyber the Vote. 'Now, we have this technology that has revolutionized the rest of our lives... (and) can revolutionize our voting system and could revolutionize our political system'." Now then, it appears this concept is on its way and it is only a matter of time - perhaps it will be a reality in 10-12 years. That would be my guess. Think on this.

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